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Giving Sauvignon Blanc its ‘just’ dues…

Mar 09, 2012
Sauvignon Blanc Grapes being harvested at JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery

There are certain things that always mark the beginning of Spring; the mustard plants adding brilliant color to the otherwise dormant vineyards, the birds returning to nest in the ancient oak trees of Paso, and of course the release of one of some of our favorite JUSTIN whites- the 2011 vintage of our Sauvignon Blanc is going to be spectacular!

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most planted white grapes varieties in the world and California is home to most of it. Yet when you think of Paso Robles you typically don’t think of Sauvignon Blanc, or whites in general. The reasons lie in geography and climate (we know it doesn’t sound that exciting but stick with us). Here at the winery we are just a short 13.5 miles from the ocean. This proximity allows our estate to boast one of the widest day-to-night temperature swings of any California wine-producing region with swings being as drastic as 40-50 degrees. Now this is all well and good for Bordeaux reds like our Cabernet Sauvignon or our flagship blend ISOSCELES, but the average highs are too great for the whites, which would completely lose the acid that makes them so crisp and refreshing. This is where the Templeton Gap plays a vital role for our white wine production.

This ‘gap’ is riddled with boulder size limestone deposits that give all of our white wines that unique minerality that has come to define our Sauvignon Blanc year in and year out. The coastal influence moderates the gap to be about 10-15 degrees cooler, on average, then our estate, which allows the grapes retain the desirable acidity levels. The limestone rich soils and influence from the Pacific Ocean collide to form the most ideal conditions for Sauvignon Blanc production in the Central Coast.

Our 2011 Sauvignon Blanc is a celebration of the variety’s tantalizing aromatics of vibrant lime, grapefruit and citrus flavors. To complement the aromas the palate produces a balanced entry, with releases of white peach and passion fruit towards the mid-palate, and a brilliant green apple finish without every losing the natural minerality undertones.

We will leave you with some words of wisdom, “White wines don’t stain your teeth…then people can’t tell how much you’ve had!”
Category Spring