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JUSTIN Paradigm Shifts!

Apr 20, 2012
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

You may wonder how the term “paradigm shift,” fathered by Thomas Kuhn in his seminal 1962 work, The Structure of Scientific Revolution, applies to wine- but I think I can make its case. Kuhn said change is a revolution, a transformation in which, “one conceptual world is replaced by another.” The printing press or the internet certainly qualifies, and now I argue there is a new paradigm unfolding at JUSTIN. I am speaking of the new packaging of our wines, starting with the release of our 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon. Kuhn said change is difficult and resisted. Change doesn’t just happen; it is driven by, “processes set in motion.” Awareness of those developments is a “prerequisite to all acceptable changes in theory.” Well, we have been aware for some time now that our existing packaging needed upgrading, in order for it to better align with the ever improving quality of our wines, and the times.

From our first release in the mid-1980s, our labels reinforced the distinctive quality of our wines. The use of an artist to depict his or her vision of the winery and surrounding vineyards was changed annually to celebrate the unique vintage Mother Nature dealt us each year. Every vintage of JUSTIN wine reflected the imprint in which Nature gave us that year. Although each vintage stood on its own, there was a common thread linking every vintage, each was a distinguished JUSTIN wine. Artists changed annually, yet their subject (our winery and vineyards) stayed the same; reinforcing that each year was different, yet the quality stayed the same. We built our entire visual image on this concept, and it worked for almost 25 years. We were happy, and like Kuhn says, “…reluctant to change,” but outside forces were at play. Consumer confusion over a new label each year, annual label registration in 50 states, and being more relevant to the times, was part of the “processes.” More compelling was the need to demonstrate the “seriousness” of our wine, its now ubiquitous presence, and its ever advancing quality.

To accomplish this goal, we did two things. First, we had a completely new bottle made exclusively for JUSTIN. We went to France and with the aid of top designers had a one of a kind mold made for our bottles. Second, we are moving away from the paper labels in favor of silk screening each bottle individually. One thing we did not change was our globally recognized triangle logo. The result is nothing short of stunning! When you hold our 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon in your hand, you’ll see the results of our “revolution,” you’ll know it’s something special, you’ll know it shouts quality, and you’ll know it’s a JUSTIN wine.
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