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A Cabernet for Everyone

by Jim Gerakaris, CWE

At JUSTIN, we are proud pioneers of grand wines produced from the grandest variety of our current era: Cabernet Sauvignon. We are delighted to continue that heritage into our 30th year of production.

We wish to highlight our fine trio of superb players on the stage of delight labeled as “Cabernet Sauvignon.” Our broadest production mode gives us a romantic Romeo of a wine in our widely available and immensely popular primary wine, our JUSTIN Cabernet Sauvignon. This forward and accessible wine treats us to soft, fruit-driven deliciousness through limited oak exposure and gentle tannins—a beguiling wine full of friendly and youthful exuberance. This is an everyday wine for midweek meals and multiple sips through an evening with grilled meats, roasted poultry, and even smoked salmon fillets.

Next on our stage is the magnificent and clever assignment of some of our most extracted Cabernet Sauvignon to the level of Reserve status. Our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a marriage of substantial breed, a Prince Hal of a wine, using deft turns of flavor in French barrels only—an opaque wine that could stand a long term of cellar aging, but is too eminently exciting to put away for too long. Here is a wine undreamed of by Hal, let alone Falstaff in his prime. Serve with that grandstanding rib roast or a rack of lamb to understand the poetic layering of flavor!

Yes, all the world’s a stage, but few play so well on it as our new 100% Cabernet Sauvignon in its most limited form, the PLATINUM Reserve. The density level here is purposefully opaque and contemplative, like Hamlet wondering aloud metaphysically in magical poetry. This wine will be our most ageable and has the most profound layering of flavor yet. The goal is to be the grandest expression of our core grape variety, lovingly new-French-barrel matured over 24 months, in an intense, powerful, and most limited manner, and not to be a wine for everyone—only for those with wisdom, foresight, patience, and desire for grandeur in rare wine. More is more!

We encourage you to taste all three of our 100% Cabernets together and see for yourself how they differ. Contact the Wine Society at 805.591.3200 or to purchase each of our Cabernets.

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