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Crush It With Justin

Watch Justin Baldwin tackle the ins and outs of wine like only he can.

Lesson 1

Storing and Aging Wine

Learn how best to store wine and how it changes over time.

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Black, dusty wine bottles stacked in shelves.

Lesson 2

Opening and Decanting Wine

Learn how to open and decant a bottle of wine.

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A man's hand grips a small glass, pouring a bottle of red wine into it.

Lesson 3

Choosing Stemware and Setting a Table

Become a pro at choosing the right stemware and setting the perfect table.

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A stone-colored table displays six different types of stemware.

Lesson 4

Tasting Wine: The Five S's

Get more out of your next wine tasting by learning how to See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, and Savor your wine.

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Justin Baldwin smells a glass of red wine, a small JUSTIN triangle printed on the glass in gold.

Lesson 5

Pairing Wine and Food

Unlock perfect wine and food pairings like a master sommelier.

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A bottle and glass of JUSTIN Sauvignon Blanc with assorted charcuterie, the patio and sage green landscape behind them.

"Appreciation of wine is a journey that starts with a simple sip, yet never truly ends."

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Justin Baldwin