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Comparative Wine Tasting at Home

by Jason Santos


A great way to enjoy your shipment of wines is with a comparative tasting at home. We recommend starting with a few wines that share a common theme, such as grape variety, vintage, region, or some other thread that ties them together. Having a theme will make your tasting more entertaining and educational for you and your guests.

An exciting comparative tasting that you can enjoy at home with a group of fellow oenophiles features the 2019 ISOSCELES, 2019 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2019 RIGHT ANGLE. All three of these wines are a majority cabernet sauvignon, from the same vintage and appellation, allowing you and your guests to evaluate the subtle differences in aromas and flavors that set these wines apart, as well as what similarities are found within all three.

As you evaluate each wine, here are some topics to think about:


How do these wines look compared to each other? Is one more concentrated than the others? Are the tears and staining more pronounced in any particular wine?


Is one wine more intense than another? What aromas do they share? What aroma stands out from each wine?


How do the structure (acidity, tannins, and alcohol) and body (weight on palate) of one wine compare to another? Which has the most body? Does one wine have a longer finish than the others?

For added fun after discussing the wines, take turns pouring one of them blindly and see if you can determine which wine it was based on your previous evaluations. If you run out, you can always order more online at JUSTINWINE.COM, or reach out to the Wine Society at 805.591.3200 or email WINESOCIETY@JUSTINWINE.COM.